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One of the most successful branding experiences of our times has created an everlasting impression on our minds.

Branding # Best tips for Branding. Building the perfect brand

Every business is a brand, and the branding process is a carefully curated one. Here I have provided some of the Best tips for Branding and the process of building a branding strategy. Branding helps you get customer engagements, increase traction, drive business ROIs and increase sales and profits. While brand is how your audiences see you, your product and your business,

History of Branding

Since early 1500’s early Norsemen ranchers and cattle owners used a special technique to seal their ownership on their livestock. They used to brandr (meaning : to burn) their seal on the livestock’s body. 

Next came wine merchants who used to emboss or paint  their company name on wooden casks as one of the earliest methods of branding that we know.

And then came Coca cola  in 1886. It eagerly started to create a presence for itself in the minds of its customers and society. The rest is history.



What we see around us today in this early 21st century has roots to the branding process that has slowly evolved to what it is now in the last 500 years.

Best tips for Branding. Building the perfect brand for your Business is a intensive creative process.

Have your ever though how to build a brand for your business ? Here you will find the Best tips for Branding and the process and strategy  required for branding your business.

 Branding of a product, service, business or organization makes an everlasting impression on the minds of your customers, society and its employees ?

One of the earliest branding was ” The Marlboro Man” It is a brand that has lived on for more than 50 years in Business. Marlborough is still one of the highest selling brands in its category.

In this article I will share the Best tips for Branding. Following such tips will help you to build the perfect branding for your business.

Brand and Branding

In order to understand Branding we need to understand the meaning of a Brand.


While brand is how your audiences see you, your product and your business, Branding is the constant and ongoing effort to build, keep, position and enhance this perception of your product , service or business for your customers.

Best Tips on building your brand
Branding works on the psyche of the customer and provides a sensory appeal while building customer loyalty. Brands relies heavily on customer experience, and thus customer experience is central to the concept of business Branding. The core thought is to delight customers and create an awareness for your business among your customers and audience, and the business identity noticeable and appealing. Use your branding to provide customers with a great experience and get more traffic. Branding ultimately creates the business identity and lasts for a long time in the mindset of the customers. Here I provide the 7 Best tips for Branding and brand Development for your business.

Branding is a complex process and thus needs deep thought, research and considerations. You need to think on the product or service that you are offering, and the message that you are sending to your customers. This message, and the visual aspect of your branding builds a loyal customer tribe. Below you find the Best tips for Branding !

#11 Best Tips for Branding. Building your perfect Brand

find BELOW the #11 Best tips for Branding;

#1 Find the perfect customer persona for your business

  • Are you targeting the younger Generation Z or the Older Generation X?
  • Does your business appeal primarily to men or women or both?
  • Is your business sporty, traditional, Luxury, New Age, Funky or Geeky?
  • Are you looking for B2B or B2C customers?
  • Is your business serving local, regional, national or international? Do you have a focused or a divergent customer type?
  • What would your ideal customer like to see in your brand?
Once you have identified your customer you need to do a research. Find out more about this person. Find out the kind of messaging that attracts. Find out the colours that can appeal to him. Find out the kind of images that seek their attention.

Identify your customer. Know your customer. Think like your customer and research your customer. This is the first step in building an everlasting brand. Unless you know your customer you cannot gauge the customer psyche.

Branding needs to promote and provide a wholly different Customer Experience. Take time and think like a customer. Try to envisage what your customer would like to see in your brand. Build the perfect Customer personae.

#2 Research your Competitor

Learn about your competitors. Check out their brands, logos, products, showrooms, shops, merchandise, offers they have and value they provide. How would you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Are you working in a niche segment or have you generalized your business in the industry.

Once you have got a handle of these, your advertising, marketing and branding strategies and campaigns can be planned with more focus, and the chances of success rises. Similarly with better research the costs of a late surprise or redoing your plans are less. By then you know what you want to put out for your customers and audiences.

#3 Develop a Brand Positioning Strategy

Now you need to market and position your Brand. You need to create a statement, a short paragraph which will be connected to the services you provide and capture the essence of your mission and vision statement. This helps you to position your brand with clarity to your prospective customers and audience. This is one of the best tips for Branding and needs thought and consideration.

Part of this Brand Strategy will be to work out at message strategy. You need to come up with messaging strategies and a quick content for your audience which appeals to them. Though the core strategy stays the same, there can be variations on appealing to the different customer avataars or personas.

#4 Build a Story around your Brand

Another Best tips for Branding . Build your Story !

Every one likes a story and every story creates engagements. Build a powerful story around the brand you are building. Look at how established marketers tell their story. It needs to be compelling, engaging and advocating your product and service.

Creating a Story : Best tips for Branding

With a compelling story it is easier to win over the heart of your audience. They feed on your story, develop an association and an attachment to your brand and your identity. Tis also helps build loyalty among your customer.

Loyal customer involve their customer networks to multiple the reach of your story and your brands. They comment, share, tweet, pin and like your products and services. This helps drive more engagements and build a larger set of engaged audience. The more compelling is your story the better is the outreach.

#5 Business Name, Domain, Website and Logo

It is time to think digital, as now marketing from being a business function has become part of technology too. Thus every business while coming up with a Business Identity or a name also needs a website, a logo, and a domain. Check if you have a domain available for your business name. There are national, regional and international domain extensions. Research them out. You need to book server space and then develop your website. The website design needs to be easy to follow for your customers. Take the help of professionals and service partners if you are not much aware of digital technologies. The website needs to be informative, and attractive to engage your customers. On the other hand while being engaging it should not be heavy that it slows down the loading with heavy images, scripts, videos etc. The website must be mobile optimized since technology has moved into the mobile space heavily. It is very likely that the majority of your website visitors would be using a mobile device to access your website. 

 Are your images, contents, videos optimized to run on a mobile device? Make the best use by engaging the services of a professional web development agency.

For creating physical products or retail stores, take the help of a product manager or an architect having designing experience of stores in a similar product or industry. The experience counts and gives you returns in future.

#6 Creating the right content for your brand

Content marketing is still one of the best ways to reach and delight your customers. Pick the right designs, colours, fonts, templates for your marketing promos and materials. Engage professionals if you need to provide professional engaging content. Be clear in your message. Have a clear path of action for your customers. Gain the right traction with your audience.

Content is king is the long proven adage for the industry. Invest in Content. Customize your content. 


How are you planning your content?

This is certainly one of the  # Best tips for Branding.


Content creation has moved a few steps with different mediums and different strategies. Content is created specifically for website, mobile Apps, newsfeeds, podcasts, video platforms, customer networks, social platforms and direct messaging. Think before you are designing the store front or the mobile app. Does your product or service need subscribers? Are you selling packages? Does it need technical changes? Every aspect is important when you brand yourself.

#7 Marketing Strategies and Tools

There are quite a few marketing strategies that needs to be built based on the medium or platform. 

How are you planning to reach out to your customers ?

Are you planning to attract, engage, inform, make aware or sell to your customers?

Where do you find the right customer networks?

Here technology and Automation is the key here. Take a look at the technologies that can be used, or speak to a tech consultant.

Previously the approach was of mass marketing to reach the customers. Now customer networks have replaced customers. Networks are created every day between customers, audiences, websites, forums, social platforms and direct messaging.

Find the right automation CRM system for your marketing plan. Build your email subscribers list by attracting them with an offer, a free eBook, free subscription or royalty points. Provide value to your customers. Use your website subscribers list to send them regular email marketing materials and collateral. Do not be over indulgent in contacting them and get into their spam lists. Be personal, honest in your messages and build trust and faith using your website content and information.

8. Create a brand identity for a lasting impression

You are building a brand, a brand that needs to stay ahead of competition. One of the main prerequisites to stay ahead of competition is to be bold in your marketing and branding.
Bold messages which are relevant and distinct creates an immediate identity as well as a lasting impression for your product in your customer’s psyche. This provides better results for the later strategies that you may have to woo the customer with attractive offers, fresh relevant content, how to hacks, in-depth information, and added value. Bold distinct and relevant messages helps you to attract more eyeball even in a very competitive industry space.
Brand Identity creation surely falls in my list of Best tips for Branding.

#9 Go to Market Strategy: Implement, Track, Monitor and Adjust

Go to Market Strategies : Best tips for Branding

Now it is finally time to put things in motion. Devise your strategy and make a Plan of Action. Implement your Action Plan and then monitor the response, engagements and your audience.

Is your campaign delivering the results that you were expecting ?

Does your marketing campaign need to be tweaked? 

If so, go back to the essentials and look at your ideal customer personae. Re-tweak your marketing plan with a more focused approach based on your learnings.

Adjust your marketing plan, and track your analytics. This is the phase to Monitor and control.

#10 Maintain consistency

Consistency drives loyalty and engagements. One of the main considerations while using your brand marketing and advertising is to maintain consistency. The messages that are pushed out for the customers to consume needs to have a consistent feel so that it is easily identifiable by the customers and they can relate to it.

Consistency also helps your customer to easily recognize, remember and associate the new message to older branding campaigns that you may have tried out.

Consistency is the key for any marketing campaign to drive results.

#11 Branding to Re-Branding

Times change and the whole business perspective, the inherent business models and processes change. In many cases you will find that these changes have not only been aided but driven by Technology changes.
The last but not the least among my Best tips for Branding !

Such changes invariable lead to a change in marketing, advertising and branding exercises.

Find your voice with your brand and do not hesitate to rebrand if the need be. The most popular brands have been in a journey of innovation. Look at Coca-Cola or Subway, McDonalds or Adidas. They have not hesitated to rebrand when the need arose. A fresh look especially in a new age is a matter of serious consideration. 

Be alert, check the competitive space and look for newer marketing well as technology shifts. We are here in an ever-changing world and the best way to stay in business is to stay relevant. Be on your toes and never be afraid to rethink your strategy.

Can you identify some brands which have rebranded ?

You will find some here.


Please leave your comments below.

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